Pointillism is an artistic method of creating an image portraying the play of light using tiny brushstrokes of contrasting colors too small to be distinguished when looking at the entire work.  When taken as a whole, however, Pointillist paintings shimmer with brilliance.

Since the early 1980's, Gary Rosenblum has been at the leading edge of a pointillist photographic style.  All the images that follow are produced optically, using only the basics: light, lens, shutter and film. The images seen here are exact reproductions of the master Kodachrome slides. There is no digital processing in the production of the master image. The unique technique uses optical fragmentation of a small interesting element of an original slide image under the special lighting and magnification conditions created by Gary.  This creates a new dislocated reality.  Composition and design highlights the color grain building blocks that are the basis of all photographic imagery.
Artist's Statement
  "Sometimes I capture a key moment of action frozen in time, and sometimes I let a still life develop into a moment of timelessness.  From 1980 through 2003, I had all my master Kodachrome images printed exhibition-grade on Cibachrome paper. Recently, I've begun using digital printing techniques to transfer the master images onto large museum-wrapped canvases using the archival giclée printing process.  This is the same printing process used by all fine art galleries for their limited edition reproductions.  Printing on large canvases frees the image from the traditional frame and glass and adds to the painted pointillist look.  It also provides me with more control over the tonal contrasts and grain."  
Purchase Photographs

These unique canvas prints have eye-catching style, classic design and provide an example of pushing the limits of photography and color printing.  And they are available to purchase in varying sizes printed using the archival giclée process on canvas and museum wrapped. Please contact Gary Rosenblum directly for information about prices and size options.